is NOT a couple guys and a work truck. Our strength is in our workforce, years of experience and diverse knowledge in different trades, and our operational processes and management; while maintaining a strong network of loyal subcontractors. We have learned that not all craftsmen want to be classified as an employee. They take pride in their independence and prefer to work with their own crew members, which typically consist of 3 to 5 guys who have known each other for many years and they like to work projects together. We embrace that philosophy instead of restricting it. Our subcontractors (which we consider as part of our team) is just an extension of our own staff/employees as our subs rely on us for their business. We maintain all client relationships and handle the sales, estimates, quotes, management and administration and material purchase for most all projects.

We pay both, our employees and subcontractors weekly. This enables us to attract and maintain the best subcontractors because we keep our sub-contractors busy with steady work and pay them weekly to eliminate their cash flow problems, thus allowing us to get their best pricing and accessibility. This is important because we can take on multiple projects and have the resources and workforce always available and maintain the diverse skills needed to complete the project on time. Construction workers are in huge demand and maintaining these skilled craftsmen is the most critical factor in today’s market.

Our Project Managers utilize our in-house project estimation and costing methodology developed from years of experience as well as other Project Management and Costing software used by some of our clients.

We have a full accounting and administrative staff at our corporate headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC as well as a strong back office support and recruiting team at our office in Cebu, Philippines. We require and maintain very detailed and accurate records for labor hours, project costing and material cost. We also have an office in Beijing, China and have good partnership agreements in place with our suppliers of materials (locally and abroad) so that we can get the best pricing for our customers. Our team in the Philippines is always checking prices from different suppliers in the areas to ensure we are getting the best pricing, best quality products and material and that it is available for our projects on a timely manner. We also have partnership agreements with many of the roofing, siding, windows, doors and gutter supplier and are their preferred vendor for installing their products.

Our Project Managers, construction staff and subcontractors are required to take safety training classes and always follow OSHA standards and become certified in various mechanical equipment when necessary and wear the appropriate safety work attire. Our teams arrive when promised, adhere to a project plan, and maintain a clean and safe work environment with a minimum disruption to our customers.

The Ntier Construction team is comprised of Senior Construction Managers, Project Managers, Estimators and skilled craftsmen who have their own specialty and trades in the construction industry. We are very fortunate to have a leadership team that has worked their way up within the construction industry from a skilled laborer to a senior project manager. The company has a recruiting team that is always looking for qualified and skilled craftsmen to join our team. We have the expertise, training, resources, skills, and ability to staff up multiple projects simultaneously and get the projects done on time and within budget in a quality and professional manner.


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