Ntier Construction’s fundamental areas of construction are in the areas of Roofing, Siding, Coating (Paint), Windows, Doors, gutters and framing, pressure washing and electrical and plumbing for mechanical trades. We have the ability to handle almost any trade within the construction industry from our very unique business partnership and relationship with our subcontractors. We have long-lasting relationships with different subcontractors who specialize in their specific area of construction. These subcontractors prefer that we maintain the customer relationship, project management, purchasing power to obtain the best pricing on materials and pay for it up front and handle the accounting and invoicing for them. We also eliminate cash flow issues they may have with their own employees by paying for the material and paying them weekly to cover their employees cost and withholding their profit until the project is completed. We work with these subcontractors on a daily basis on multiple projects and they must adhere to our project management methodology, safety requirements, quality control and final approval from an authorized Ntier Construction Manager before full payment is issued and released. This relationship works very well for our subcontractors and is a relationship that you will most likely not see with any other construction company. This allows our customers and Ntier Construction to get the best-skilled craftsmen on the market at the best prices.

Our approach and system allows our subcontractors to be independent, maintain their own work crew and focus on their specific craft and skills. We eliminate the complexities and cash outlay of material purchasing, accounting systems and waiting for a project to be fully completed to get paid. Cash flow is always an issue for subcontractors in the construction industry. Some of the best craftsmen in the industry do not like to interface with the customer or deal with administrative and bookkeeping tasks. We have our own Project Manager to be the interface between the craftsmen and the client and provide the best quality service at the most attractive pricing in a professional manner.

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